oral storytelling for a visual audience

Share the Story is an animated video series of Bible stories.

Each short video focuses on a specific story from the Bible. Together, they work to build a picture of God’s grand story of redemption — the story he’s been writing from the beginning of time. At the end of the series, we hope people see clearly who Jesus is and want to know him more!

Share the Story is for specific peoples.

This project was born out of a desire to help the church reach a specific people group in North Africa with the message of Jesus. Their culture heavily informed our creative process, and the stories are told in their heart language. These people are media savvy, engaged with visual storytelling, and limited in their access to the gospel. In the future, our goal is to modify and repurpose these videos for other peoples with similar characteristics.

Share the Story is not about us.

Due to the sensitivity of the regions we are serving, you won’t find the names of any specific people behind Share the Story on this site. That’s actually great because Jesus is not only the focus of the story of Scripture but the main character in our story as well. To put it simply, we are people who love Jesus and want to equip his church to tell the world about him in a creative and engaging way.

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