What story?

Few common threads run through the very fabric of our humanity like our love of story. From epic ballads sung around ancient fires to the wizarding world of Harry Potter, story has always been the way we both express and understand ourselves. A well-told story draws us in, exposes our vulnerabilities, and changes our minds.

Good stories entertain. Great stories shape history.

And can there be a greater story than the one written by and starring the Author of History himself? From before the foundations of the world, God has been authoring a story – the Story. The story of a loving God who created a good world for his children. But his children doubted his goodness and chose rebellion and betrayal. In rejecting God, they embraced sin and death, exchanging paradise for a world of suffering.

But God didn’t leave us to our own destruction. He promised to fix the world we have broken. He entered our mess as a man himself, Jesus. He defeated sin by sacrificing his perfect life and defeated death by rising from the dead. The forces of evil still rage and thrash about today, but as a fatally-wounded animal. And soon, King Jesus is coming back to wipe out sin and death once and for all. Until that day comes, God is working to gather a people from every tribe and nation. A people united by faith under the rule and reign of King Jesus.

This is the Story. This is why we as humans are so fascinated with story. This is why we resonate so deeply with tales that feature the crippling agony of despair, the thrilling anticipation of hope, and the triumph of heroic rescue. This is why our stories are filled with betrayal, loss, forgiveness, and love. Because this is our Story. And this is the Story that the world needs to hear.

But how can they hear the Story unless someone tells them? And how can they hear the Story if there is no one to tell them? There are countless people in the regions of our world where they are likely to live their entire life without ever meeting a single follower of Jesus. Furthermore, in some of those places there is also no access to the Story in their heart language, which is crucial for the deepest understanding and connection. How do we share the Story with them?

We live in a world where story-telling mediums abound – art, music, media – and we believe God has given us advanced technology to enable us to share his Story with more people and in more languages than ever before. Fledgling churches in closed nations are seeking out ways to reach their countrymen with God’s story of redemption while the internet and cell phones provide unprecedented access to those who need to hear. This is not an accident. This is an opportunity.

Join us as we share the Story.